The academic ethos of Aravali Public School entails learning that necessitates total involvement of the mind, body and soul of the student. With a vision to make the scholars world leaders, APS adapted its curriculum to achieve its goal. The school has an intellectually pulsating ambience where the girls are encouraged to develop independent critical thinking, analytical skills and a keen mindset for leadership in their chosen field of interest. With its students coming from the length and breadth of the country, the school inculcates a feeling of camaraderie,unity in diversity ..

APS pioneers in grooming its pupils to make them excel in all walks of life. Apart imparting quality in the scholastic domain,and life skills, students are motivated to take part in Sports, Art and Community Services so as to instil in them an unstinting quest for finesse..

Curricular Activities

The school follows the curriculum of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) with English as the medium of instruction. The curriculum is divided into primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary. As per CBSE rules, CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) pattern is followed which has two summative tests and four formative tests interspersed with lot of activities for a ceaseless academic growth. The school boasts of a first-class faculty of competent, efficient and trained educators who are ever-ready to render universal values and in-depth knowledge of different subjects to cater to multiple intelligences in the class through the use of appropriate teaching methods. All the classrooms are equipped with smart classes so as to assist holistic learning.

Affiliated to the CBSE, Aravali Public School is ranked among India’s top schools for girls and boys. Outstanding results at the AISSCE (Class XII) level have ensured its place among the best that India has to offer. The senior section (+2) comprises the Streams of Science and Commerce.

Science Stream

The science Department has several subject combinations available to students, opting the stream. The science students are divided into two main streams based on the subjects studied-

The Medical stream:-

Offering English with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and an optional subject including Mathematics, Physical Education & Economics.

A sizeable number of medical aspirants from the school have been holding key positions in the prestigious Medical colleges of the country including AIIMS, Maulana Azad, AFMC etc.

The Engineering stream:-

Comprising of English with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and the optional subject including Computer science, Informatics Practices, Economics and Physical education.

Our students have made a mark by securing admission in premier Engineering Institutes like IITs, BITS Pilani, VIT, NITs, IIITs etc.


The Commerce department offers the subjects of English, Accountancy, Economics, Business studies and gives the option of taking up Mathematics and Physical Education.

The stream has a Galaxy of achievers showcasing their talents at leading colleges at Delhi University like SRCC & LSR.

Co-Curricular Activities

Along with academic development, the school puts emphasis on co-curricular activities as well. There are numerous hobby clubs, viz., Photography, Literary, Language, Journalism, Debate, Mathematics, Art, Music and Dance, Drama, Consumer awareness, International Club, Legal literacy, Robotics, Aero-modeling etc., to ignite the latent potential of the child.

Travel is a part of knowledge itself, so students are taken to study trips to different places within India for them to explore and learn. Study trips abroad to NASA and CERN initiate the child to the inspiring world of scientific knowledge. Class-wise students are sent to different places along with a group of escort teachers to undergo the training of necessary life skills through activities like camping, hiking, excursion which not only tests the stamina but humane feelings like cooperation and compassion as well.

International Teacher Exchange programmes facilitate global perspective to newer Teaching-Learning Methods.