Counselling Cell

Special Education Need Department

  • Faculty development programs for SEN: Workshops for teachers on Various Developmental disabilities are conducted.
  • Psychometrics: Psychological tests are administered considering the need of the child and situation.
  • Individualised Educational Plan : A tailor made educational plan is prepared once in three months for SEN children.
  • Remedial Education: Special classes are conducted to improve Sensory Integration of the child
  • Address emotional concerns of SEN students: The child is counselled time to time to gain the confidence and overcome the negative thoughts.
  • Amendments in Examination: All the amendments given by CBSE during the board examinations are also practiced in home examinations.
  • Assessment: Along with the regular mainstream academic assessments, the child is assessed on sensory integration basis.
  • Develop support system in the school and hostel: Hostel wardens are psycho-educated to meet the physical and emotional needs of the child.
  • Inclusion and mainstreaming: Teachers are oriented to use multisensory teaching style.

Counselling Cell

  • Hostel Adjustment Questionnaire is filled up by all the newly admitted children. Measures are taken for the smooth and early adjustment in the school as well as hostel.
  • Psychological profile is filled by all the students where every details of their personality are noted down.
  • Learning style of every child is found out. Children are motivated to study according to their style. Teachers are trained to teach considering the same.
  • Study Habit questionnaire is used for the children with poor academic performance if any.
  • SWOT analysis of students by teachers is done every year to meet the various psychological needs of the child.
  • One to one counselling is done to address the emotional concerns
  • Workshops for the students of grade IV to VII are conducted on the topics like ‘Good touch-bad touch’ etc.

Career Counselling Cell

  • School has separate Career Counselling Cell and collection of books entirely devoted to career options and requirements.
  • Throughout the year Career Counselling Sessions by different universities and Guest lectures are arranged for the students.
  • International Career fair in July 2019 is in progress.
  • Aptitude testing is done once in a year to give authenticity to guidance.
  • One to one Career guidance by professionals is given to bring the clarity.